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Happy one monthiversary to this cutie. @ausherbs 😘  he makes me happier than an camel on Wednesday 💕 #onemonther #homieloverfriend
Harry Potter Party! ⚡️ Fawkes the phoenix and a Death Eater 😏 Ayla definitely won best dressed! 😍



my heart says yes but my mom says no

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Thanks (I hate you) @britnayk and @stvn_crwn for nominating me for the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease! I had to cut the video so it’s missing a lot 😟 we also have limited ice and no bucket so I did what I could! Thanks @sydney_josephine for filming. Now I’m passing the torch to @ausherbs @astoldbytaylor and my sister Elizabeth. You have 24 hours!!! 😂😂😍 literally so cold I couldn’t speak! 😋#wettshirtcontest #didiwin

A quick snapshot of the bae and I chillin in Arendelle 💙🏰❄️ @ausherbs 😘 #endofsummerparty

FLASHBACK FRIDAY 😍 I’m so adorable. I’ve always liked my bacon 👌